(Current as of March 4, 2023)

I'm a learner and overthinker of life through words, movement, and sound.


  • A song based on the book of Ecclesiastes. Meant to finish it in February 2023, but other things took over.
  • A story I’ve been mulling over the past year or so, but never actually started writing. That has now changed. Not sure what it’s going to turn into!
  • A 8-ft nylon bullwhip. Crazy slow progress here, but not giving up (unless it’s to work on the to-be-made 12-ft California whip in the other box beside it).
  • A wood carving of a kneeling Spartan warrior. This would be my fourth woodcarving project.
  • Crepes: on the random, slow morning. This year’s birthday cake had as many layers of buckwheat crepes and sweet fillin’s as my age (+ 1, of course).


  • Teaching AP Literature + Composition to highschool students
  • Freelance copywriting, content marketing, + such (portfolio here)
  • On the web + newsletter team for OCHEC
  • Writing + running this blog
  • Brainstorming + planning for “TKA” (kept undercovers so far, hoping to launch within the year)



  • Trying to stick to a cyclic sleep schedule of 2100-0400 for 4 or 5 days, then 2200-0600 the other days (usually the weekends)
  • Rreversing a minor injury in my left knee that’s been bothering me for the past four years. Still not 100%, but getting there slowly.
  • Workouts: The simpler the harder for excuses to stick. The current lineup is biking, pullups, pushups, walking, and handstands. And some kind of dancing, if no one’s watching. (shhh…)
  • Goal: A 10km local run/walk in June/July 2023. That’s a longer stretch than I’ve ever done in one go, so going to be working on this in the coming months



  • Percussive/Modern Fingerstyle Guitar. Inspired heavily by Marcin. Be careful if you’ve never watched him play before. He’d make you want to sell that guitar you’ve been meaning to play since forever.
  • Koine Greek. το δυνασαι αναγινωσξαι;
  • Singing. I’ve been working with an amazing vocal coach since Feb. 2023. Fingers crossed my neighbors won’t complain when I set the woods a-ringing this summer.
  • Basic Programming. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and things I don’t know yet. My goal: Speak LISP, C, and Rust somewhat fluently within the year. Oh, and play around with Linux and Vim any chance I get.
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu. Free-sparring with my dad, fighting Mr. My-ego (the wooden dummy in the basement), and nursing bruises while trying to keep my balance and momentum going.


  • Sex. Primarily the role it plays in shaping society and the individual on more than just the visual and physical levels.
  • Marriage. The only vow I think a human being should ever make to another person, for life.
  • Death. Especially how it could help us live better. What it is, what it feels like, and the million different ways we could die while being biologically alive.
  • Money. Or the true meaning and measure of value, what’s really important in this life, and how the current monetary system plays into all that.


  • Canada’s a beautiful country, and the tiny town (hamlet?) I’m in is gorgeous no matter the season. Can’t wait for spring though!
  • I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of things to learn online. So many people create amazing content for free that I could watch, read, listen to, and stretch my own skills and abilities with.
  • Instruments with cool sounds add color to my life. Currently exploring a 9-note steel tongue drum, a 17-note kalimba, a concert ukulele, and hoping to play with a cajon soon.
  • My dog Ragnarok (16-month-old GSD mix) makes my life more active, happy, and full than almost anything else. Our daily walks and tug-of-wars keep me sane and grounded in the present. Excuse me, I think he’s calling me now…

(This /now page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ and the thousands of other such pages on nownownow.com)