Contextify AI

Understand the internet at the click of a button. App launching in June 2024.


Soulful is a community of people learning to be human again, through artistic creation and authentic conversation. Doors open late Spring 2024.

The College of Autodidactism

Learn on your own terms. Platform launching Q3 2024.

7 Months Off-Grid – 2024


Let’s Homeschool Together

An international online homeschool community connecting families with each other. Explore.

The Homeschooled

We are the unconventional, the thinkers and builders of the future. We are the wildcards of society, the gamechangers. See what we’ve been up to. Visit.

A Warrior Poet

Bi-weekly Substack newsletter on being strong to serve. Subscribe.

The Keyboard Athlete

Resource hub for those who type a lot. Go.

Lutalika Creative Designs

Online sticker shop, boba-themed. Shop.