Time for me to propose yet another standard for people who run personal websites, in the spirit of Derek Siver’s /now and @Curiositry’s /intractable.

The proposal: a /redacted page that lists what you’ve stopped doing, ideally with a line or two on why. Such as the one you’d read below.

(Optional but may pay future dividends: Include what you want to stop doing, and why. Invite readers to reach out with ideas and suggestions.)

* * *

I’ve stopped…

  • Asking people “What’s wrong?” instead of “Can I help you?”
  • Earning hourly pay
  • Trying to be extraordinary
  • Ingesting substances for stimulation
  • People that didn’t respect me
  • Social media
  • Explaining myself to people
  • Multitasking
  • Shopping for entertainment
  • Needing to be always happy or “be myself”
  • Planning every minute of my day
  • Apologizing when I have done nothing wrong, or when I had no control or responsibility over the situation

I’d like to stop…

  • The need for material things
  • Keeping clothes in my closet I don’t use
  • Keeping files in my PC I don’t use
  • The need for unlimited productivity
  • Reading/writing 2+ books at the same time
  • Juggling multiple career paths or major projects
  • Cutting sleep
  • Default to snacking during downtimes in a day
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Forcing good habits
  • Trying to know everything
  • Bright lights in the evening
  • Forcing myself to finish things
  • Thinking I’m worth more when I wake up early