(Current as of March 01, 2024)

Updates: April 02, 2024 – also, this marks the 1-year mark of my doing this /now page thing. Congrats to self. 😉


  • A novel (finishing the one started in February) – Ended up revising/proofing another draft, which has been sent off to a small book contest. Glad to have that project’s open loop closed.
  • A platform for homeschoolers (community + website) – Both up and running! Here and here
  • A book of poetry – “Destroy My World Softly” was completed March 31st, a compilation of my best poetry, prose, and other tidbits under the themes of friendship, disillusionment, struggle, and clarity. Not sure about next steps for this one: would like to have it published one way or the other in the near future. 


  • Not eating beyond a 10-second handstand – Quite effective. Fasting also helps with resetting body + stomach expectations for “fullness”; I find I’m running better and “smoother” on less food now. Shall continue. 


  • 100 tuck jumps/day – Maybe 2-3 days?
  • +2 pushups every other day, starting @ 20reps – Dropped a week or so in.
  • 3 bridges/day, 5+ seconds each – Nope. Arm strength and shoulder flexibility needs work. My pride and desire to appear perfect is telling me I should stop making my workout goals public…


  • 7 months off-gridding project (April-November 2024) – Getting closer! Goal of starting project on April 1st got delayed by family plans. Wood is getting split by hand; materials and tools being collected; and I’ve started ‘shutting down’ my room.
  • Topics and post schedule for “A Warrior-Poet” newsletter – Not much progress; I only have “research harakiri” down for now.
  • Another novel – Only in thought and dreams…


  • Beatboxing – In the car when I remembered–which wasn’t often. Shall continue practice + experimentation. 
  • Whistling – My younger brother is AMAZING at this. Definitely inspiring. Practice hasn’t been consistent, but shall continue to improve! 


  • Japanese – Dropped halfway through the month due to other commitments. Shall resume whenever possible.
  • Polyrhythms – A better understanding now, but not as fluent as this guy


  • Shifting internal frequency/vibration in different ways – Still experimenting! Breathing and attention/focus-direction are powerful for this.
  • B-girling – Nope.
  • Rapping in multiple languages – A bit of Cantonese and Mandarin here and there, not enough to speak of. 


  • The prostitution of self beyond the physical – Thoughts on this are more developed, but still incomplete. Would like to write on this one day.


  • The ending of things – “This too shall pass…” – Amen.
  • Pain – Redemptive suffering…
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(Inspired by Derek Sivers and other such pages)