One God. One Team. One Vision.

A group of young Christian tracuers strives to lead teens to Christ through Parkour. But when obstacles and opposition arise, will the team crumble, or conquer?

Leah Jung is passionate about Parkour. A dedicated Christian, she has one secret, disabling trauma—a fear of one specific move in the sport she calls her life.

During her training, she unexpectedly comes face to face with world-class tracuer, Ethan Simpson. He appears to fall for her and suggests that she train with a group—an idea that grows into a vision of teaching teens Parkour while bringing them to the knowledge of the One True God Who loves them. Together with four friends, Leah brings this dream into reality. But not all is as simple as it seems.

The kids bring with them their own struggles, broken dreams, and past hurts. Through it all, Team Set Free—Javin, Leah, Vic, Guy, and Shana—stand strong in the face of opposition, disappointments, and setbacks. The team is determined to see the teens to the end—to see them transformed by the redeeming power of Christ.

And through God’s overpowering grace and mercy, Team Set Free makes a lasting difference in the lives of young adults in the community, setting them free from fears and obstacles through Parkour and the living Word of God.

Read The Story Behind Obstacles

Product Details
Publisher: Emerald House Group
Publication date: 07.13.2021
ISBN: 978-1-64-960063-9
Dimensions: 8.5″ X 5.5″
Ages: 14-18
Pages: 240


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