(Current as of February 01, 2024)

Updates: February 28, 2024


  • A novel exploring the inevitability of death, artistry, and how “to love another person is to see the face of God” – 16,000 words in, hardly complete
  • Boba stickers (on RedBubble) – Not as many as I’d like; probably dropping this project, but was fun though!
  • A digital product on “Income beyond the 9-5” – Only outlined


  • The Pillars of the Earth, Ken Follett – Started, but decided to put on pause
  • Stoner, John Williams – Stayed up two nights for this one; was worth every minute of sleep lost
  • The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris (re-reading) – Gleaned some new thoughts

Habit-Forming (Daily)

  • Come up with 3 daily life problems and 12 solutions for each – Kept this up for 15 days, but y the 16th I had to stop because fully-fleshed ideas would come to me in torrents when I went to bed; will use this approach when short of ideas again
  • +1 pushup, starting at 20 reps – Skipped some days, but did a couple hundred more this month all told than I would have otherwise!
  • Dance 20-30 mins after waking up – The only thing I’ve been consistent with this month. Didn’t skip a single day; can’t recommend this enough


  • Daily kick-boxing, at least 5 mins – Did a couple days, then forgot/focused on other movement types
  • Qigong fundamentals – Started on breathing and developing a meditative mindset, but nothing “formal” or structured yet
  • Balance on rope for 10 secs, lying down – Zero progress on this one…hoping to revisit in a couple months


  • 99 jumps/day, 3x (11x each pike, tuck, straddle) – Did a couple days *sigh*
  • Handstand walks – Not without support yet; slow progress
  • Kip-ups – Nope. Need to build more progressions, such as tucks and bridges.


  • Creative Writing – Going well; have requests to teach the next school year
  • AP English Literature – Same as above
  • AP English Language – Same as above. (Goes on until the summer)


  • Han’nya
  • Follow the Flow
  • MC Jin


  • Polygon 3-D Origami – Made a heart, dragon head (for Chinese/Lunar New Year), a moon, and am completing an owl
  • Python – A little progress, but in actuality? Nope…
  • JavaScript – Nope…


  • Hand drafting (architecture) + sketching (cartooning) – I couldn’t quite get what’s in my mind onto paper the way I’d like yet, but I have a better idea of what I want…still progress
  • Thanatology + death counselling – More thinking than actual study; would probably be an ongoing “background interest” of mine
  • Psychology in handwriting – Analyzed my students’ handwritten essays on levels most of them weren’t aware of, and tailored my support of their learning to what I learn about them from their handwriting


  • 36hrs w/out food and water followed by 6 days of water fasting (one-time) – Feb 06-13; slipped in some water kefir here and there, plus saltwater flushes
  • Memorization – deck of playing cards, chess boards, playing by ear – Small improvements in each, but nowhere near my goal
  • Singing in microtones – This is FUN. Getting more accurate and micro


  • The nature of patterns – All comes down to this though…
  • Limits to conscious, intentional life design – I think I hit some limits this month…just look at all the unreached goals, haha
  • Shape grammars (as proposed by George Stiny, MIT) – Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Would like to dedicate more attention to this in the future.


  • Friends
  • Everlasting candles (mineral oil)
  • Stories
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