Sam Tompkins’ “Die For Someone” has a beautiful line that made me think:

Guided, I’m misguided
Wasting my time with easy goodbyes

Many relationships make up our everyday interactions with people around us. The cashier or barista you met earlier today. Online customer service agents. The local church congregation. That group of friends you’re going to spend a day downtown with. Your parents and siblings who (if you’re blessed like me) you see on a daily, if not hourly basis.

How many of those goodbyes would actually cost you something?

What if it’s just for a few days? A couple years? A farewell from this world?

Here’s the harder question: Why do you have so many connections that’d be “easy goodbyes” when the time comes to part?

I don’t know you; but as I’ve been thinking, even one such connection you invest time and effort into–whether you realize it or not–would be a waste of time.

There’s only so much a person can be to other human beings; there’s only so much you can give to others and receive in return; there’s only so much time to spend with each other.

Why spend any time and effort in relationships where a goodbye isn’t at least a little painful and sad? Why stay in relationships where goodbyes would be a relief, salvation, something to look forward to?

Why not turn more of your current relationships into ones that’ll lead to hard goodbyes? 

Part of me wants to remain the stoic and say nothing should ever hurt you, break your heart, let you feel pain. But when it comes to people, that kind of grit doesn’t apply like that.

Share life with those who want to be with you. Give of yourself to others, and receive with gladness and gratefulness what they offer in return. And when you say goodbye, may you smile with tears in your eyes.

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