(Current as of May 01, 2024)



  • Soulful: “Soulful is a community of people learning to be human again, through artistic creation and authentic conversation. Part writing workshop, part self-guided emotional therapy, this on-going course + writing group is fully flexible and holistic.” Site being built. Learn more and sign up here: SoulfulSite live here. The waitlist is open.
  • Blind-Eyed – Short novella. Completed first draft, in first round of edits
  • At War with Myself – Shifted onto the future…again.


  • Crawling outdoors – Semi-regular practice. Quite energizing change-of-perspective, haha. Highly recommended.
  • Vocal range extension – A little.
  • Consistent 6hr sleeping schedule – Nope. I stayed up past midnight twice to read; another time my mind decided to spin repeatedly ’round the roundabout of relationships in my life (potential and imaginary). 


  • Breakdancing – Here a little, there a little: most of the time it looks more like lame + lazy hiphop than b-girling. 
  • Running – Not really…check back in June
  • Precision jumps – Inconsistent, but training did happen.


  • OCHEC’s annual convention – Took place over May 3-4. Went well and had a blessed time; things about myself clarified and confirmed; met new friends; came away with more faith in the direction I’m going.
  • End of the 2023-2024 school year – YES! Now my summer workshop begins.
  • Finalization of Contextify (AI-driven app in development) – Currently in website development and beta-testing. 


  • Ken Follett – Started on World Without End.
  • Ayn Rand – Anthem.
  • Lu Xun – Short story collection. It’s in Chinese and English. A lowkey goal: to read the (original) Chinese version by the end of 2024.


  • Nic D
  • Jacob Collier
  • Gabriel Marchuk


  • Japanese – If it weren’t for @matcha_samurai, it’d be nil. Will continue. 
  • Architectural design – Highlight: Visited a friend who’d designed his own home, and had him take me on a tour through the building and the decisions that went into creating it.
  • The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – Still writing poetry on each entry on Percolations.


  • A 92.7% off-grid lifestyle – Still working towards that percentage and doing my best not to feel like a failure/hypocrite. 
  • Throwing steel (cards, knives, spikes) – A little. Even less improvement.
  • Essentialism in savings + possessions – Still a journey.


  • Pendulums – This.
  • Healing through sound – Need to take this more seriously…not just “pondering”, lol
  • The impact of marriage on the trajectory of a life – Still a thought!


  • Fire – Best paired with darkness
  • Conversations Good friends, good times
  • Sunsets – Didn’t catch most of them this month…
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