(Current as of April 02, 2024)

Updated April 26, 2024


  • 2 novels: “At War With Myself” + “Blind-Eyed” – Only touched up a couple scenes in the second one. 
  • New friendships – Two: one over snail mail a bit of internet, one from discord to discord + in-person. Amanda and Tim, thanks for being such amazing, genuine people. Definitely made my month lovelier and more joyous. 🙂


  • No food/sugar 2hrs after light, 2hrs before dark – Maybe 8-9 days total? Sleeping outdoors in April in Ontario, Canada has you reaching for carbs and protein at any time in the night, if you have the great misfortune to wake up before the sun.
  • 15-20 min walk after each meal – Somewhat. I didn’t time most of them, which means they were probably too short…


  • Rucking – Lazied again, but I did go on a few hikes with my pack on; May goals include more pounds in my pack and a few less around my waist. 😉
  • Longboarding (absolute beginner) – A little less fearful now. I’m not used to having wheels under me in this way; definitely not much better than before though. Needs more work, a lot more work.


  • Shen Yen live performance in the GTA (April 03) – Done. Lovely time spent with my mother. 
  • Jacob Collier‘s DJesse World Tour in Toronto (April 22) – Went to this one with my mother. SPECTACULAR. The lights, the sounds, the music, the vibes…ah. (Still a bit miffed that they had the opening artist on for 50. Whole. Minutes. before Jacob got on stage, tho. Not cool at all.)


  • Wisdom of Solomon – Done.
  • Hearts in Atlantis – Done. I liked it more than I expected I would. 


  • Emotional healing through writing – Bought a course/masterclass on this, but have yet to work through it. Shifting to May + June. Working on this both as a personal + teaching project. 
  • Interplay between principles and relationships, as impacted by time – Had dealt with interesting scenarios multiple times this month where tough questions had to be asked and decisions made. One cannot please everybody all the time, so pick yer poison…


  • Life without YouTube videos – Biggest failure this month. I have no words to express the internal shame I feel over this – I lasted maybe 3-4 days into the month? Not funny. I need to rethink this…
  • A 92.7% off-grid lifestyle – Ahem: More like 50-55% so far, mainly due to work + other online/computer-related commitments I’ve already made beforehand. (Right, Odelia…) Will do better in May. (Yeah, right. XP)


  • The tyranny of hunger – Quite fascinating thoughts I’ve been having on this so far – at least, I think so. Especially when paired with musings on fasting. 
  • Poetic order – Wrote the introduction to a blog series I mean to continue for the rest of this summer this year. More to come. 


  • Long, infrequent emails – Love these. Thanks, OddLynx, Curiositry, and LiquidJasper!
  • Handwritten letters – Also love these. Thanks Mikayla, Katelyn, and Amanda!
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