You do not desire something until you understand what it takes to achieve the object of your desire.

It goes further.

You do not truly desire something unless you’re moving toward achieving it.

Inaction leads to stagnation, the death of true, honest desire. Desire drives all human thoughts, words, and actions. When desire remains only as a senseless emotion, or a theory of an abstract ideal, it is nothing but an ambiguous internal distraction leading nowhere.

* * * * *

You do not have a right to have an opinion in anything. At least not how many conceptualize an opinion.

Your right to hold one does not come until you articulate what you stand for, and why (and by extension, what you do not stand for and why not).

An unsubstantiated, unreasoned thought–an entirely subjective opinion created apart from prior engagement with reality–is the most worthless and meaningless thing the human mind can engage with.



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