Have forgotten where I’ve read this, but it’s stuck with me (and on my cracked Pixel 4) for a few months.

“Cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t care about.”

It’s easy to stop paying for things you don’t like. It’s easy to say (and mean) to never pay for what you don’t care about again. It’s easy to theorize about you’d go about managing your finances this way.

But to live out that statement is to know:

  • What you care about
  • What you don’t care about
  • What kind of costs you’re paying
  • What cutting those costs look like

Takes quite a bit of experience and thinking to figure out those things; then a bit more to work through them; and finally to act on them.

Keyword is “mercilessly.” Once you know what’s what, act. Don’t fall for the same hooks again once you know better. Cut, cut, cut. And cut.

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