(Current as of June 01, 2024)

Updated June 29, 2024


  • A website-wireframing browser extension – Project scrapped. Unnecssary + time-consuming.
  • A trilingual rap album (just the writing + pre-recording recording bit) – Made a tiny bit of progress. Put on hold.
  • An inspiration-curating site/platform thingy – Falling in love with the idea even more now. Not actualized, but half-way designed in my head.


  • Getting comfortable on my gym rings – Comfortable? Depends on the position, haha. A bit stronger now. Will continue.
  • 3x bike rides/week, 30-45 mins each – Came down to 1 ride per week. Far less than intended, more than otherwise.


  • Training in Christianity, S.K. – Highly recommended for thoughtful people. 🙂
  • The Divide, N.E. – The ending got me. A journey I’m glad I took, but probably not read again.


  • Writing the Sentence, 3-week workshop – Went wonderfully well; each student enjoyed it. Great memories made! Taking a break in July, re-opening for signups in August.


  • Yarn-spinning – Pictures here and here! The project was fun. 
  • Healing through writing – Does experimentation count as learning? If so, then yes.
  • Concrete casting: A series of 4 classes from “All Goods of Concrete” – Loved it! Amazing class.


  • SICP (again!) – …Nope. For July. 
  • Survival Medicine (casually) – Yes! Much enjoyed working through the books I had on hand. Now to pull together + prepping tools, materials, and reference books. 
  • Mushrooms (for eating) – VERY brief study indeed, haha. Mushroom season is mostly over here already, which is sad!


  • Sketching 30 mins/day – Almost. Thanks to project below…
  • Designing custom playing card and chess set (to laminate + carve in July) – Completed card set (pictures to be included in the first Percolations of July). Finalizing chess set design.


  • The essence of belief contrasted with reality – See this post.
  • The meaning of action in light of beliefs – Ditto.


  • Naps – Took three in total this month. That’s 3 more than usual. 
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